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Swisskiss reg’d

Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1989


Victoria BC



Thank you for your interest in our dogs. If you are sincerely interested and ready for a“Swisskiss” Bernese puppy one day please take a minute to read over this application; fill it out and mail it off to us. Drop us an email at and we will get back to you with details about our planned litters and we will arrange a time for you to come out and meet us and all the dogs.

This information is strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of keeping track of everyone that contacts us and for selecting the right puppy for you and your family.

Please print out this form and mail it to:

Swisskiss Bernese… 3945 Hi Mount, Victoria, BC, Canada, V9C 3X9   250-478-1887


ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________CITY:________________PROV/STATE: _______________

POSTAL/ZIP CODE: ___________________________                             PHONE:_______________________________________________________

EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________________                         DATE:___________________________

How did you hear of Swisskiss Bernese? ___________________________________________________________________

Have you read through our website and did you find it was informative and helpful? ___________________________________


Is the “Bernese Mountain Dog” the only breed you have looked at? _______________________________________________

If no, what other breed have you looked at? _________________________________________________________________

What qualities do you like in a Bernese and how did you find out about the breed?_____________________________________



Are you willing to wait for a puppy, and how long? ___________________________________________________________

Are you interested in an older dog or a rescue dog? ___________________________________________________________

Have you previously owned a Bernese? ____________________________________________________________________

If yes, who was your breeder? ___________________________________________________________________________

Do you presently have other pets at home? _________________________________________________________________

Have you ever had to re-home or put a dog to sleep? __________________________________________________________






Are you aware of the health concerns in our breed (cancer, hip and elbow dysplasia) and do you realize that large breed dogs, including Bernese generally do not have a long life span?______

Do you understand that all of our companion puppies are sold on CKC non-breeding contracts and they must be spayed / neutered at our recommended time? __________________________ 

Are you willing to abide by our contract that will include requirements for exercise, nutrition, weight management, vet visits and general care? ____________and that we require all puppies to have their hips and elbows x-rayed by 2 years old and sent to OVC or OFA; the results will be forwarded to us for our records?_______________________________________________

Do you understand that we require all owners to keep in touch with us and send us updates and progress on their dog throughout the dog’s entire life?________________________________


How many hours a day will the dog be left alone? _________and where will the dog stay when you are not home? ____________


Where will the dog be when you are home? _________________________________________________________________

Where will the dog sleep at night? ________________________________________________________________________

Do you have children living at home and what ages? ___________________________________________________________

Where do you live  City ____   Suburb ____   Country____                    House ____   Townhouse_____    Apartment/Condo_____

Is your yard securely fenced? ___________________________________________________________________________

If no, would you be willing to fence your yard or have a secure run built? ___________________________________________


Are you willing to enroll in puppy socialization and obedience classes? _____________________________________________

What kinds of experiences have you and/or the members of your household had with dogs?_____________________________



What activities would you be interested in doing with your dog? __________________________________________________


Please feel free to include any other information about yourself, family, home, interests and experiences that would help us to select the right dog for you.___________________________________________________________________________




male___ female___ doesn’t matter ___               larger ___smaller ___doesn’t mater___                      active____ less active____


Are you on any other waiting list or have a deposit with any other breeders? _________________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire and mailing it off; this does not automatically put you on the waiting list so please follow up with an email and any questions you might have.   Please remember that with owning a dog there comes great responsibility, commitment and expense; a Bernese is a very special breed, they must be part of your family and always welcome in your home.


Thank you

Madeline Knowles & Geoff Huber