Alpenweide's I'm Avalanche Molly C.D.


(1991 - 2003)

Bernergarde # 7651

There is a place called Clover Heaven;
Where Life is renewed and pain removed;
Where bodies are healed and whole again;
Where life is now filled with glee as it must be;
A place our babies must go;
This place called Clover Heaven.
Where the meadows are full of Life
with peace and frolic and no strife nor fear of danger.
The flowers in full bloom
always changing colors ever so grand
and a home for many others.
The breeze so soft, free, and flowing;
So pure and brisk and moves the grass ever so tall,
it is a velvet carpet after all;
So soft and smooth, so very snug;
tis a good place to curl up and take a snooze
and bask in the sun that is ever so warm.
This place called Clover Heaven.
Where the water is so pure and clean;
it looks like a mirror that I can see
and admire the renewed me.
The clover seems to reach the sky so full and free
a good place to romp and play hide and go seek.
So you see---------
The sun so warm, The water so clean,
The grass so smooth, The breeze so soft,
The flowers in bloom,
A place to romp and play To bask or bathe,
To snooze and rest With food aplenty
And water to drink With bodies whole
And free of pain With life renewed
and filled with glee; A place they must go
To await their masters.
So dear Master
Dry those Tears and smile again
For I wait for you In this Place called
Clover Heaven.