Ch Maximum Avalanche V Mt Tops C.G.C.


(1989 - 2000)

Bernergarde # 7400

I miss you so much
I miss the smell and feel of your soft hair as we have our early morning snuggle on the bed
I miss the sound of your tail thumping on the floor when I whisper your name
I miss your big shaggy head in my lap while I am on the phone or watching TV
I miss sharing my toast or the crust of the pizza with you, who could resist those big brown eyes
I miss watching you trot down the porch, head held high, you always took my breath away, the way you moved
I miss the way you were always there to greet me at the front door when I came home
I miss our walks around the property watching you roll in the long grass and flowers
I miss the way you read my mind, you always knew what I was thinking and how I was feeling
I miss the way you would stay beside the bed all day and night if I was sick
I miss how you would carry around your collar hoping to go for a walk or maybe there was a girlfriend visiting
I miss sharing pancakes on Sunday morning and Mc Donald's fries with you
I miss the funny way you would run down the hall spin in circles and jump on the bed when we were playing together
I miss watching you with little children, you were so careful and gentle with them
I miss your cheekie bark when you wanted my attention
I miss you coming with me in the van for a ride to the store
I miss listening to your soft breathing and snoring during the night beside the bed
I miss you and love you so much
You will forever be with me in my heart




Number 2 Top Bernese in Canada 1991

Number 4 Top Bernese in Canada 1992

Number 4 Top Bernese in Canada 1994

Best Veteran in Sweeps Canadian National 1998 at 9 years old

Best Stud Dog Canadian National 1998

Number one All Time Top Producer of Champions in Canada

Top Producer of Champions in the US