Swisskiss You Were Ment For Me


(Jan. 1998 - Nov. 2006)

Bernergarde # 17629



My Sweet Jewel

Your bowl sits empty on the kitchen counter, I reach to fill it up. . . . . then I remember we said goodbye today.


My heart is so heavy, I can barely think. It doesn't seem real, our time together has gone by way too fast.

I look around and you are everywhere, pictures of your beautiful face hang on every wall, my tears spill on these pages knowing I will never hold you again.

I see a little piece of you in your kids, grand kids and great-grandkids.

The house is too quiet, I can't hear your tail thumping on the kitchen floor or the peaceful sounds of you snoring during your afternoon nap.

There is still some black fuzz on the carpet where you lay last night, I can't bear to vaccuum it up.

A couple of cookies are left on the dresser in the bedroom, a reminder of how much loved your bedtime cookie.

We had nine wonderful years together, you gave me so much, you were my friend, my love, my protector and always a lady. I can't imagine life without you.


Rest now My sweet Jewel, until we meet again. Remember how much we love you.

We will miss you so very much.


Madeline & Geoff


Best Puppy in Sweeps Canadian National 1998
Best Puppy in Specialty Canadian National 1998
Best Puppy in Show 1998
Best Puppy in Sweeps US National 1999
Best Bred By Bitch US National 2001
Second in Bred by Bitch US National 2002
Best Brood Bitch Canadian National 2002
Best Brood Bitch US National 2003
Best Opposite Sex Canadian National 2004
Best Brood Bitch Canadian National 2004