Bernese Health Issues...

We have included articles regarding some the major health concerns in the Bernese Mountain Dog as well as some informative links.

Serious and conscientious breeders research pedigrees thoroughly to try to eliminate or at least minimize many of these diseases in their breeding programs. With all the new advances in genetic testing, the future of our breed looks promising, this will hopefully help breeders with even more improvements in the health and longevity of the Bernese.


 Bernese Health Article
 Aseptic Meningitis

 Elbow Dysplasia
 Hip Dysplasia
 Von Willebrand's (vWD)

Health Links


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - O.F.A
Ontario Veterinary College - O.V.C.
Canine Eye Registration Foundation - C.E.R.F
The FHCRC Dog Genome Project
Canine Cancer Awareness


Vet Gen - Veterinary Genetic Services
Berner Garde
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