Artificial Insemination With Frozen Semen...


International Canine Semen Bank
Dr. Robert V. Hutchison, Director


Since the initial birth of puppies conceived from frozen semen in 1969, the techniques of freezing canine semen have been refined to a point of practical application. ICSB-OHIO is fully prepared to handle every facet of semen collection, freezing, storage and shipping of canine frozen semen.

The trained staff at ICSB-OHIO is also prepared to evaluate individuals, both stud and bitch, to be sure that they are functioning reproductively to their maximum ability. Healthy individuals are essential for the greatest chance of conception whether they are bred naturally, with fresh or with frozen semen.

The technique used allows for a calculated number of healthy sperm cells to be inseminated into a bitch in estrus by the safest possible way, yet with the greatest chance of conception.

  • Genetic continuity
  • Complete importing and exporting capabilities of frozen semen. Frozen semen can be shipped to the bitch rather than having to ship the bitch, eliminating the risk and high cost factors.
  • A stud dog's capacity for producing progeny can still be used after he is debilitated or deceased.
  • Safety factors, the bitch and dog are not exposed to each other, so the risks of injury due to fighting or venereal disease are eliminated.
  • AKC and Field StudBook approved.
  • DNA testing required on all frozen, fresh cooled semen collections.

A male dog's peak is between two to seven years of age. Often, before he has reached his performance peak, we recommend having the male collected and stored, based on his potential. However, any intact male, regardless of age, can be evaluated for freezing at ICSB-OHIO. Dogs up to fourteen years of age have been shown to be capable of producing viable sperm cells and having their semen successfully frozen.

ICSB-OHIO has housing facilities for owners wishing to leave their dogs for repeated dose collections or for reproductive work-ups. In addition, airport pick-up of dogs can be arranged for a nominal fee. ICSB-OHIO is only twenty minutes from Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Dogs having their semen frozen will need:

  • a photocopy of their registration,
  • a negative brucellosis test (can be tested at ICSB-OHIO),
  • a permission form to collect and freeze signed by owner of dog,
  • Required photographs of the dog will be taken by ICSB-OHIO.

ICSB-OHIO also offers fresh-cooled extended semen kits. This technique allows the bitch owner to have semen shipped to them rather than shipping their bitches to the stud. AKC approved, fresh-cooled semen is very successful when used under ICSB-OHIO supervision. Semen shipped in this method must be used within 24-72 hours, so accurate estrous cycle evaluation and breeding time determination is essential.