What To Expect...

What You Should Expect From A Responsible Breeder!

All responsible breeders put the health and welfare of their own dogs and the puppies produced by those dogs first and foremost in all of their efforts. Being a breeder also means being responsible for the future of our breed.

A responsible breeder will have the following as MINIMUM standards:

  • understand the breed standard and can easily discuss the finer points of it with you

  • belongs to a regional and/or national breed club for their chosen breed

  • will actively compete in at least one competitive event with their dogs (conformation, obedience, carting, tracking, flyball, agility)

  • offer written sales agreements

  • register all of the offspring of their breeding with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) or American Kennel Club (AKC)

  • will not breed a dog more than twice out of three heat cycles (not more than once per year on average)

  • provide you with complete information on parents and siblings

  • allow you to meet the mother of the puppies (sires are often not on the premises)

  • offer after-sales support for any questions that may arise after you purchase the dog

  • will insist upon pre-puppy visits and screening

  • provide you with a complete veterinary record of your dog

  • will ask for non-breeding agreement to be signed by the new owner or do early spay/neuter on the puppies before going to the new home

  • will do all essential medical clearances on parents PRIOR to breeding