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Breeding of purebred dogs is a serious undertaking and it involves great responsibility, time and huge expense. Committed, dedicated breeders do not breed just because puppies are cute, they breed because they care and want to improve the health and quality of the breed. Breeding good dogs requires enormous amounts of time researching pedigrees, reading and learning everything you can. Properly caring for and preparing dogs for showing and breeding requires lots of sacrifices and total dedication to the dogs and the breed. Responsible and ethical breeders do not breed to make money; it is their passion and love for the breed and the dogs that inspires them to produce healthy, happy long lived dogs that excel in the show ring, have beautiful type, sound temperaments, working instincts and are wonderful family companions. If you have purchased a companion puppy please have them spayed or neutered and x-rayed for hip and elbow dysplasia and know you have helped your breeder and the breed in a huge way.





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